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Anonymous sent: Could you do a third part to the Hiccanna pregnancy prompt. Maybe one where they tell Elsa and her and Annas parents that Anna's pregnant?

A.N: Work has me swamped so this took awhile….and is short, I was lacking inspiration on this one. 


Elsa’s face twisted from shock, to frustration and then to bitter sadness. It was almost too much for Anna to bear. She had no idea what was going through her sister’s head but she knew it couldn’t be good…or at least it wasn’t the joy and excitement she hoped it would be, hoped…but knew better than to hope for.

"Anna, you can’t raise a baby, you’re in school," she said coldly. 

"Yeah I know but," she began flustered, "I’ll quit and-"

"You’ll quit? Are you so eager to disappoint mom and dad that you would quit school?" she demanded, her tone icy and sharp. 

Anna could feel the tears welling in her eyes. She wanted Hiccup there, he was the only one who seemed to be supporting her. She felt betrayed by what her sister was saying…but a part of her knew she was right. Anna fucked up. She didn’t fuck up alone, but she still played a crucial part. She must have seemed so selfish to her sister, refusing to move past her mistakes but…she already loved her baby, whoever they were she loved them. 

"Mom wouldn’t be disappointed in me for becoming a mom," she said, tears streaming down her cheeks. She could do this, she could prove her sister wrong…