flightless-dragon sent: Hey it's me! Remember I used to be thebeaniefangirl? Anyway I have a mericcup request, Hiccup likes Merida but she doesn't notice(even though its pretty obvious) so he tries going out w/ astrid

"You don’t actually want to be here do you?" asked Astrid looking totally and completely peeved at her so called ‘date.’ She crossed her arms and scowled at the boy who sat across from her, how dare he? It was so obvious what he was doing and she felt so foolish for not seeing it sooner. No one used Astrid Hofferson to get with someone else, especially if that someone else was her rival Merida Dunbroch. It was ridiculous and humiliating and Hiccup would pay for it if it was the last thing he did. 

"What? No Astrid I-" he began but she cut him off.

"You what? You thought I would be cool with being toyed with like this? Who the hell do you think you are?!" she exclaimed. The people in the restaurant were beginning to look. 

"Why do you even care?" he asked with frustration plain as day on his own face, "since when did you ever care about me?" 

The words struck her, she hated his guts the way he earned respect without having to work for it. He wasn’t always like that but all of a sudden he got really special and even though she worked her ass off from the beginning she just all of a sudden…wasn’t. He took that from her and now he was taking her first date and it just…”Why the hell do you even like her anyway…” she said quietly and bitterly holding the tears back.

"Who?" he asked nervously, the gall of him.

"Merida, Princess fucking Merida what the hell makes her so damn special?" she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks. 

"Why do you like her so much that it’s worth making a fool out of me? Haven’t you done that enough?" she begged, growing a little hysterical. "Why am I not good enough? What about me isn’t good enough to just…actually want to be on a date with me?" What about her wasn’t good enough…

He was silent a moment, eyes widening in shock and horror, realizing what he had done, “Astrid…” he said timidly. 

She stood up and furiously brushed the tears away. Astrid wasn’t a romantic person but even she liked to believe that her first date would be special. “I’m so done Hiccup,” she muttered standing up. “I’m so done…” she walked away from him and out the doors into the chilly night air. She tried her best to et the tears to stop but she cried so infrequently that this time she just couldn’t and so she ran, hoping to find a dark place away from people where she could finish her crying in peace when suddenly, she bumped into someone..

"Oof," grunted a decidedly male voice, "what’s the big idea.." he said glancing down. Her red rimmed blue eyes met his dark brown ones and suddenly it occurred to Astrid that someone, an attractive guy on the street no less had seen her cry. "Woah," he said, his tone of annoyance replaced with concern. "hey are you all right?"

She rolled her eyes, “does it look like I’m all right?” she said with a sniffle. 

He chuckled sadly, “no, what’s wrong? Shitty date?”

She said nothing and in that moment the tall handsome stranger knew he was right. “Some tool used me to get the girl he liked jealous…” she said, having lost what few inhibitions she had left. She would never see the guy again so what was the harm?

"Well that sucks," he said earnestly.

"And it was my first date," she added quietly, "I wasted my first date on a guy who didn’t even like me."

Then something strange and scary and unexpected happened. She felt his hand raise chin and their lips met for a moment that felt like forever. She froze up in shock but before she could freak out and hit hit, their lips parted. 

"I’m sorry," he said, "I just suddenly found it extremely important that that you didn’t waste your first kiss on some dope who didn’t find you beautiful," the was something in the way he said beautiful that made her really believe it in a waay she hadn’t ever before. 

Her face went red and she backed away, “What?!” she exclaimed, “that totally wasn’t even my first kiss.” she lied. 

He smirked, “yes it was,” damn him she thought. “Well I’ll see you later ..” he said as he sauntered away into the night. Astrid blushed and covered her lips, touching them where he had kissed her, suddenly hoping she might meet that guy again…

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A few quick questions…why did this need to be made and why did I have to find it in the Jackunzel tag? Seriously kid, don’t tag your hate, all it does is make people feel uncomfortable and defensive. I can promise you that Jackunzel fans don’t want to see this in their tag so just don’t tag it. Feel free to dislike an idea but don’t make people who like it feel bad about liking it. It’s way more classy just to enjoy a thing and not bash something else. 
Anonymous sent: more hiccelsa smut plz i know alot of people r asking for it but its really good and there is no hiccelsa smut out there um maybe elsa found a drawing of her in a really revealing outfit in hiccups journal and she decides to make it a reality u dont have to write it if u dont want to thx!

A.N: Well these took me ages to get to work leaves me tired and I’m sorry this sat in my inbox so long. Far too long. Although I continue to write this smut…I honestly still just don’t even know what I’m doing with it. The smut is all connected to my servant AU…which has also been sitting unfinished for far too long. Wow…I really suck for doing these things on a reasonable time line. Anywho, sorry it’s short but enjoy!

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