Another Story…|| Part One, Say Something

They had committed treason and so their fate had been a kindness, at least that’s what Ty lee told herself as they boarded the ship to the earth kingdom. Her hand gripped Mai’s and she tried to smile for the both of them, despite her desire to cry. She would cry later but for now she would remain strong for Mai, if anyone deserved a good cry it was her but as usual she held it to herself. It hurt to watch, especially when all Ty lee wanted was to just cry for her, to know what she must have been going through…To loose her first love the way she did, so suddenly and permanently, to have her best friend aim to kill her and to be banished from her home and become a disgrace to her family right when she was sure she would make them proud. It was too much and far too unfair for words.

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This is hands down, no contest my favourite ATLA ship and boy is it ever crack. Just like in the case of Harula and Mune Ty lee and Jet never meet, actually, according to cannon Jet died and so in cannon it is impossible for them to meet. I choose to ignore this though because I can not get past how awesome their relationship would be. It is the perfect blend of Taang and Zutara and the cast of characters that surround them make them even better. 
Jet seems very street wise and not at all naive, he makes harsh decisions and above all else hates the fire nation. In reality, Jet is so consumed by cynicism and hate that he can’t see the big picture. Jet is an orphan and he knows the pain of having no real family. He’s a rebel with a cause and a charismatic ruthless leader with strong flirtation game, arguably the strongest in the series. Why is it only arguable you may ask? Well that’s because Ty lee also has crazy strong flirtation game.
Ty less appears very naive and not very streetwise, she seems to be a bit wishy washy in her decision making and is very easily influenced by others. The truth is that her open hearted free spirit allows her to see things very clearly. She has no misguided sense of pride or vanity, she loves the fire nation and the earth kingdom and can see the good in both. She isn’t like Jet, she has a big family but see’s that can be a burden as well. She is the perfect bridge between the earth kingdom and the fire nation and becomes even more so when she becomes a kyoshi warrior. 
Imagine for a second that Jet didn’t die and instead rose a rebellion inside Ba sing Sei when the fire nation took over. Imagine the freedom fighters joining the fight to reclaim the city and that’s where he meets Ty lee who came with Mai and June to help free the city. They fight together, their acrobatic moves and her new tricks from Suki complimenting each other perfectly. They flirt they carry on and then he realizes…wait, she’s from the fire nation. 
From there they have a complicated relationship of clear romantic tension and eventually Jet comes to see that the fire nation was never evil, they were just lead by a man with evil intentions. Imagine the freedom fighters relocating to Kyoshi Island and building tree houses there and Ty lee enjoying the hell out of them. Imagine for a second that the first time Ty lee meets Smellerbee she immediately knows she’s a girl and for the first time ever smellerbee feels really   pretty and eventually joins the kyoshi warriors with Ty lee when the freedom fighters move to Kyoshi island. Imagine the silly clashes in leadership style between Ty lee and Jet…
On top of all that I had this head cannon that Ty lee was actually a non bender with air bending heritage instead of fire bending heritage because of her eyes. Thus, Jet lee would be a non bending parallel to tang.The whole thing is just a really exciting concept and honestly, worthy of a spin off all on its own in my opinion. 
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I’m not even sure why I ship this so much but mostly I know it stems from that piece of fan art I threw in there. I never thought that Mai looked terribly beautiful and that was because she never looked terribly happy. She looked like she was holding it all in and while I don’t think that people should have to smile all the time to be happy and pretty I do think that people should feel free to be themselves. It was made very clear to us that Mai has repressed feelings and who knows? Maybe that extends to her sexuality, maybe she could like girls the same way she likes guys, maybe she liked girls more to begin with. 

Pretty much, what I’m trying to say is that in my imagination and interpretation of the character it isn’t outside the realm of possibility. The way she looks in that piece of fan art makes her seem more alive than I have ever really seen her before. She’s bored and always looking for something to do, well the life of a bounty hunter is far from boring. 

June by contrast is pretty much the opposite from Mai in terms of keeping herself repressed. June says what she thinks and how she feels. She doesn’t get held down by rules and social conventions she just does her thing. She’s from the earth kingdom but se likes red so she wears red, what others think be damned. 

Imagine if instead of being put into jail, Azula banished Mai and Ty lee to the earth kingdom. What if Mai met up with June? What if Ty lee plotted to get them together? Furthermore imagine Mai and Ty lee and June joining the fight to reclaim Ba Sing Sei when they meet up with Zuko again. Imagine the sweet satisfaction of seeing Mai happy after being treated so poorly and coldly by Zuko (dick move to break up through a letter by the way). Imagine Mai and Ty lee fighting to reclaim a place they once conquered. Imagine Mai leaving the repressing life of the fire nation nobility behind to travel the world and be free with her hot bounty hunter girl friend…I’m sorry, the possibilities are endless. 
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Things get cracky from here on out. Haru and Azula never met in the cannon of the series but if they did, I feel like they would have pretty insane chemistry, similar to that of anemone and Dominic from Eureka Seven. After the war Azula would be very unstable for a very long time and I see a lot of patience and stability in Haru to be able to deal with it. If there was one thing Haru lacked it was fire and ambition and I really feel like Azula would be able to propel him foreword. 

Imagine if Haru became Bumi’s heir to Omashu, this would be a touch on the dangerous side since Azula goes a bit crazy with power but you can not deny that she has a knack for politics. I feel like Haru would benefit from having someone as savvy on his side and I feel like the power struggle dynamic would be interesting to watch at the very least.

They both seemed super classy and elegant and I feel like that would mirror in their behaviour around one another. I feel like they would be the sort of couple to dress well and give very little hint to the fact that they are in a relationship. They wouldn’t do crazy things or make a scene they would be the ones to casually watch and be slightly judgey of the antics of a couple like Taang.  That said I feel like Haru would serve as a reminder not to harbour mean feelings about people. 
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I have to admit, I don’t have terribly strong feelings for this couple but I felt that it was still the ideal pairing for the two of them. Suki was first introduced in Sokka’s life as a teacher and Sokka as a challenge to her beliefs. On the surface it seemed like Sokka was the most influenced by their meeting but really it was Suki. Sokka inspired Suki to take the Kyoshi warriors and go beyond their world to help fight the fire nation and I don’t doubt that this decision was made mostly to meet up with Sokka again. I don’t fault her for this though but I think it’s clear that Suki felt more strongly about their relationship than Sokka. Sokka needed to grow more before they could properly be an item and he most certainly did. His relationship with Yue taught him how to be a leader and how to sacrifice what you want for the good of your people. I think for this reason Sokka will be a very good water tribe chief worthy of someone as strong a Suki to back him up. 

Sokka began a relationship with Suki, both feet planted firmly on the ground. She wasn’t a princess but rather a warrior, someone who he could share more of his life with. Suki lead with skill but Sokka lead with his brain. I feel like once they were married, Suki would leave Kyoshi island to be with Sokka again, leaving the kyoshi warriors in Ty lee’s capable hands.

Imagine Suki adapting to water tribe culture and water tribe culture adapting to be more foreword thinking on gender issues. She would be a great influence on the tribe and a perfect lieutenant to Sokka, her more calm realistic edge keeping his feet on the ground. She isn’t a jealous person and for that reason I feel she would be respectful of the fact that Sokka might still be in love with Yue. Imagine the two of them naming their first child Yue and imagine Yue growing up and becoming the chief of the southern water tribe, a Yue that can decide who has the chance to marry for love. 
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Zutara was my first ship and for a long time my favourite ship. Now, as far as Avatar goes it’s probably my third favourite but I still adore it as the ideal ship for both Zuko and Katara. To be honest I was never a really big fan of either of these characters separately but whenever they shared a scene this uncontrollable chemistry happened and I couldn’t ignore it. I started watching the series after it was finished and I knew Kataang was the cannon, end game ship…but I still shipped Zutara.
Whether you like it or not you have to admit there’s something sexy about the idea of fire and water and opposites attracting. The thing is, Zutara went beyond that for me, they were technical opposites but they were characters built on so many parallels. They had a similar family structure, a dad missing from their life, they were both hopelessly devoted to their ideals hope and honour respectively. They both fought with outrageous passion and they both grew to accept things they never expected to. Zuko was the person Katara never had to mother and Zuko was also the person who saw Katara at her darkest and gave her the choice as to how to handle it. He was neither a devil or angel on her shoulder and he never judged her for her decisions. Katara on the other hand was the very first person to be allowed to touch Zuko’s scar and is easily the most healing individual in the series. I always felt that Zuko needed someone who was good with feelings and the person who was best at that was Katara.
Imagine for a second how intriguing their story would be post war if they got married. What sort of impact would that have on the international political climate, what about the domestic climate? Would their be civil war? How would the people feel about it? There’s a lot of interesting conflict there which I think is very cool. Also, Imagine them raising a family, they were always very mother and father like to the group so I just can’t help but feel they would make a good mom and dad. Imagine Zuko doing his utmost to be a perfect dad since his was so awful. It would contrast Taang perfectly because where Taang would be all over the place, Zutara would stick mostly in the same place and on a larger scale I feel like it would make the whole story more intriguing. 
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I decided to do an outfit series based on my favourite ATLA ships

The imagined, very non-canonical relationship between Toph and Aang is easily my second favourite in the entire series. There’s something very other worldly and magically romantic about the way that Aang meets her in the swamp. From the very beginning it’s made clear that she’s important to him but what makes it truly romantic is that he see’s her in a beautiful dress. When they meet their personalities clash but it doesn’t take long for them to begin to see a lot of worth in each other. Aang offered her a way out of a life she was stuck in and she offered Aang the strength of character to no longer run away. They make each other stronger consistently throughout the story and are so very dynamic to watch. 

Imagine for a second how cute it would be if they did fall for each other. Imagine the awkward family talks when Aang comes to visit, with the whole “you kid napped my daughter!” thing. Imagine all of the crazy shenanigans they would get into, riding crazy animals and having fun in general. They can really match each other’s energy levels so adventuring would always be a thing. Imagine Toph becoming a vegetarian for Aang, calling him twinkletoes in public but Aang when they’re alone. If there is one lady who wouldn’t let being the avatar go to his head it’s Toph and if there is one lady who would push him to make better decisions it’s also Toph. 

Seeing chemistry is so subjective but I think these two have it and I think their story has a lot more potential than they’re given credit for. Their story would be less a story about building a family and more a story about building everything and anything, seeing everything and living life to the fullest. An mischievous action duo, can’t tie us down and oh look at us cuties ship. 
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